Vinny Bunnicelli

About The Band

Genre: Popular, Jazz and Classical Styles

Venues: Bars & Resaurants, Weddings, Corporate & Private Events

Available Acts: Solo

Vinny Bunnicelli has been a professional guitarist for over 30 years. During the day he is a full time music teacher for the City of New York, teaching concert and jazz bands. Currently he is performing in some of New York’s finest venues, playing a unique brand of music called fingerstyle guitar.

Often considered a “one man band” approach to guitar, it is a form of music that blends fingerpicking with the natural percussiveness of the acoustic guitar. His compositions call upon popular, jazz and classical styles and are full of catchy melodies and driving rhythms. Whether playing in a concert setting, or adding more traditional music for a restaurant/cafe setting, the excitement, animation, and originality of his performances are both enjoyable to watch and listen to.